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Gas Geysers – Great Alternative to Heating Water

Gas geysers are fast becoming a popular choice when choosing the most effective water heating system for your home. Either on their own or a back up to a solar system.

Statistics show that your electric geyser can make up to 40% of your monthly electricity costs and by choosing gas geyser installations, you can minimise this cost significantly.

Gas Geysers - The Perfect Alternative to Heating Water

Therefore, by having a gas geyser to heat your household’s water, you are also having less of an environmental impact.

With the overall cost of living being so high as well as the current global movement towards greener living, you will find that a gas geyser is a simple and effective solution to both of these issues.

4 Major Benefits of Gas Geysers

There are many undeniable benefits of a gas geyser installation. However, we have highlighted 4 of them which indicate that gas is the perfect alternative to heat water.

• Cost effective

Although the price of gas geyser installations may be a little high, the running costs are much lower than electrical geysers. This is due to the fact that gas is a much cheaper resource than electricity and it is only used when needed. Furthermore, water is instantly heated whereas an electrical geyser takes a period of time to effectively heat water which uses high amounts of electricity.

• Instant hot water

As mentioned, gas geysers provide you with instant hot water as these gas geysers or also known as water heaters, are usually installed relatively close to the point of use. This is a brilliant advantage in terms of energy costs as well as availability. There is no need for waiting for hot water with gas geysers this also less wasted water in the drought areas of Western Cape.

• No power? No problem

Should you experience load shedding or any other form of power outages, you will always have hot water as gas geyser installations do not require electricity in order to function. Link this with a gas stove, gas hob or gas range and all you need are candles for lighting as all your basic needs are taken care of.

• Less environmental impact

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a greener source of energy than electricity is. By installing a gas geyser, you are reducing your carbon footprint significantly which makes a positive contribution towards sustainability.

The Gas Works – Gas Geysers and Gas Installations in Cape Town

Contact our registered gas installers in Cape Town to find out more about the far-reaching benefits of gas and gas geysers and to have one installed in your home today.


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