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Avoiding Cold Showers and Takeaways with Gas

Many people get nervous when they think about gas stove prices or the prices of other gas appliances such as heaters or gas geysers.

However, often overlooked are the major benefits one can enjoy when replacing electrical appliances with gas appliances. One of the major benefits being the potential to save tremendously on running costs.

Another one of the most notable benefits is the availability of gas when you need it. Gas appliances provide instant heat once they have been turned on, which in turn greatly minimises energy consumption as a whole.

Avoiding Eskom Power Cuts - Gas Installations Cape Town

Natural gas during power outage

Let’s face it, as South Africans, we have accepted the possibility of frequent power outages as part of our reality, thanks to Eskom’s notorious load shedding schedules. Preparing for electricity outage is the norm.

We have learned how to plan when we will eat and when we will shower, coordinating the rest of our lives around these two events.

After all, nobody wants a cold shower or a hungry belly at the end of a long day. Furthermore, as the desire to live healthily increases, we cannot depend on takeaways for dinner just because there is no electricity.

With LPG (liquid petroleum gas), these troubles become a thing of the past.

Does gas work during power outage?

Yes, it does. It works at any time of any day under any circumstance, provided there is gas in the bottle, of course.

Gas geysers heat water using an independent flame that is ignited either automatically when you open the hot water tap, or manually.

Furthermore, gas geysers heat water almost twice as fast as electrical geysers. No more waiting for a hot shower.

Gas stoves also operate by using an independent ignition which provides instant and easily controlled heat for cooking purposes, allowing you to cook your healthy meal even when there is no electricity.

Benefits of natural gas

Apart from keeping you warm, bathed and fed during Eskom’s power outages, gas has many benefits for any homeowner:

  • Consistent, reliable supply of energy
  • Economical
  • Versatile
  • Easier to maintain
  • Convenient
  • Environmentally friendlier than other forms of energy

Gas stove prices and prices of other gas appliances easily become less of a concern once you take a look at the far-reaching benefits of using gas in your home.

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