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Why You Should Check the Status of Your Gas Cylinder Regularly

Regularly checking the status of your gas cylinder is important for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that the cylinder is in proper working condition and can prevent the risk of leaks or explosions. Gas leaks can lead to fire or explosion, causing significant damage to property and potentially injuring or killing people.

Registered Cape Town Gas Installer - FAQS

As a gas installer I often hear the question, “Why do I need a gas certificate when I only have a small gas bottle in the cupboard with a piece of hose connected to my hob or braai”

Well the answer is a very simple yes and I will explain why.

How to Avoid Gas Shortages This Winter

Depending on your peak gas usage, it is wise to keep up to a month's supply of gas as replacement for your already connected gas bottles.

Depleted gas bottles should be replenished as soon as they are empty and you should not wait until you run out of spare gas to do so.


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