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What to Know About Baking in a Gas Oven

If you’re considering a gas installation in Cape Town, there are some important factors to consider such as a gas stove price, installation price as well as the available space you have for a gas stove.

One of the great advantages of a gas oven is that it’s far more efficient than an electric oven in that it provides you with instant heat.

Gas installation in Cape Town - Baking with a gas oven

In general, gas appliances including a gas stove or gas oven can contribute significantly towards the reduction of your overall energy consumption.

However, if you are an avid baker there are some more important considerations you should keep in mind when choosing a gas oven for baking.

A gas oven uses a flame situated at the base of the oven to emit heat throughout the oven. Flame generated heat is more challenging to control and therefore the result is fluctuation in temperature.

Temperature fluctuation causes uneven heat distribution and therefore your gas oven will have areas of relatively colder temperatures and other areas that are warmer.

As a baker, even and consistent distribution of heat is imperative to avoid the dreaded “flop”.

In this article, we’ve listed some handy tips to help you ensure that you achieve the perfect chocolate cake.

Increase your temperature for crispy results

Nobody likes a chewy cookie or a muffin that doesn’t have that delightful crispy top. However, there is a fine line between the perfect crispy temperature and burned beyond identification, even when using an electric oven.

A steady increase in your gas oven of about 2°and 3° Celsius should do the trick. However, bear in mind that the increase in temperature will speed up the overall cooking time. Therefore, it is best you keep a close eye on what you are cooking.

A sure way to know when something is just about cooked to perfection is to use your nose. A seasoned baker will tell you that when you can smell it, it usually means it’s ready.

Tray rotation is your best friend

Due to the uneven heat distribution that leaves your gas oven with warmer and cooler areas, rotating your trays is an easy way to jump this hurdle and achieve even cooking.

Now, it’s no secret that opening an oven when baking may cause your baked goods to flop but listen closely for some valuable advice.

If you are baking a cake, bread or muffins, one rotation of 90° halfway through the baking time will be more than sufficient. Rotate once and allow the last half of the baking to take place in peace.

If you are cooking something more resilient like casseroles or roast chickens, a few more rotations throughout the cooking process will ensure a perfect dish.

If you are baking more than one tray of cookies, it will be a good idea to rotate the trays as well as swop them between top, middle and bottom shelves.

The top shelf is what makes it brown

There are many dishes that are only perfect if they have been browned. When using a gas oven to cook or bake, moving your dish to the top shelf will help you achieve that golden-brown finish.

Another way to beautifully brown your food is to turn on the fan in your convection oven if you have one.

Not only does the fan dry out the air within the oven, it also assists with even distribution of heat. The result? A perfectly golden-brown crispy finish.

A pizza stone is not just for pizzas

A pizza stone is a perfect tool for retaining and emitting heat evenly. A valuable tip when it comes to using a gas oven for baking.

The trick is to place the pizza stone at the bottom of your oven or on the bottom shelf while placing your baking tray on the shelf just above the pizza stone.

If you are baking delicate foods, avoid placing your baking tray directly on top of the pizza stone as this will be a sure way to burn the bottom of your food.

Use glass, silicone or light-coloured metal baking trays

We all know dark colours absorb and retain heat. This rule also applies to baking trays.

Using dark metal baking trays speeds up baking time from the bottom of your oven. This usually results in the bottom being burned long before the middle is even cooked.

Using silicone, glass or light-coloured metal baking trays to bake your food is an easy way to avoid this from happening.

If you only have dark metal baking trays, try and reduce the temperature by 1° or 2° Celsius during the last half of the baking time or place your baking trays on a higher shelf.

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