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Keep Yourself Warm this Winter with Gas

As much as many of us would like to deny it, winter is fast approaching us and this means our biggest priority is staying warm and cosy.

So, this is a good time to start thinking about how exactly you plan to take that unwelcome winter chill out of your household.

Many South African homeowners rely on electricity for water heating, cooking as well as heating rooms, which usually results in a really high electricity bill at the end of each month during winter.

Gas installations Cape Town

Gas Appliances Cape Town

Generally speaking, gas appliances cost less to run than their electrical counterparts and installing gas appliances may be the answer for anyone who is looking to save on running costs.

LPG for cooking

There is nothing like a good pot of soup to warm you up during the cold winter months but what if your stove suddenly stops working, or even worse – load shedding?

In addition, old and faulty ovens and stoves can also consume more electricity than they are supposed to, resulting in an even higher monthly utility bill during winter.

Either one of these situations can leave you helpless and unable to prepare a meal to warm the bellies of your loved ones.

With gas stoves and ovens, you are able to cook your food at any given time, even during the inevitable power cuts that we face sometimes more than once a day.

Another advantage of cooking with gas is that you are greeted with instant heat which can be easily controlled. This means no more waiting for hours before that pot of soup is ready.

LPG for heating

One of the most effective yet energy efficient ways to heat your home this winter is with a gas fireplace or gas heater.

Gas heating appliances generate incredible amounts of instant heat. There is no need to build a fire and wait for it to grow before you are provided with relief from the cold air.

One of the many benefits of gas heating is that they often provide a safer, healthier heating alternative.

They do not let off unhealthy emissions, resulting in a better quality of air in indoor settings. Furthermore, you are not left with soot or ash to clean up and the flames can be turned off instantly. No more waiting for flames to die before going to bed.

Whether you choose a built-in gas fireplace or a portable gas heater, choosing gas to heat your home may be the best decision you make for you and your family.

LPG for hot water

Anyone who has stood waiting in the cold for the water to heat up before jumping into the shower will tell you it feels like hours before the water is warm enough to climb in.

What’s worse is that during winter, this waiting time is extended due to the pipes that are colder than usual.

Water heating usually accounts for about 25% of a home’s electricity bill, which can be more during the winter months due to the increase in demand for energy.

With gas water heating systems, you have instant hot water, and that’s no exaggeration.

This instant supply of hot water is especially beneficial during load shedding months; there is no need to wait for your geyser to heat up again after being off for several hours each day.

Furthermore, you can minimise your greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75% with gas geysers - making gas the greener choice for your household.

The Gas Works – Gas Installations Cape Town

We provide only the best quality gas appliances and gas installations in Cape Town. We also provide all our clients with gas clearance certificates.

Our team of technicians are certified installers of gas appliances and are ready to answer any questions you may have.

For more information, contact us today.


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