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Amended Laws - Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association

For safety reasons, the LPGA has made it clear on where a stove which is not fitted with a flame failure device (FFD) may or may not be used.

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What is a flame failure device?

Also known as a flame supervision device (FSD), an FFD is the part of a gas burner system which makes sure that the fuel supply to the gas appliance is automatically and immediately cut off should the flame go out or become unstable for any reason.

A hob or stove may not be fitted or installed to any form of fixed piping system unless it fitted with a flame failure device.

Such an appliance should only be used if it has been connected to a free-standing cylinder.

Gas appliances and FFD’s

The issue around FFD’s has caused some confusion within the LPG industry and therefore, consumers have shown more confusion than those involved in the industry.

When it comes to the safety of consumers who have existing gas appliances installed or are planning to have one installed, it is up to the professional to inform the consumer of the legal requirements and minimum standards.

Gas appliance installers, manufacturers and gas appliance retailers should be aware of the fact the one-year grace period which the South African National Standard (SANS) 1539 has lapsed.

SANS 1539 addresses the safety aspects of appliances operating on liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas in South Africa.

Therefore, it’s important to note that any gas appliances which fall outside of this standard may no longer be manufactured, sold or installed.

Appliances must be fully compliant with the current standard laid out by the SANS. However, exceptions may be allowed only on application to the LPGA.

The Gas Works – Installers of gas appliances with FFD’s

We install and supply gas appliances which follow the SANS guidelines. For more information about how a flame failure device can protect your home, contact us.


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