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Everything You Need to Know About Gas Inspections

You have most likely heard people talk about gas inspections and gas compliance certificates and maybe you’re even wondering what the big fuss is all about.

The answer is quite simple, gas inspections and gas compliance certificates can be the only thing standing in the way of serious damage to property and even fatal injury.

gas inspections and gas safety

Gas Rules and Regulations

Regardless of the type of gas appliance or installation you have in your home, there are various non-negotiable rules and regulations which ensure that your appliance is installed safely.

These regulations exist to protect you, your family and your home from damage caused by unsafe or poorly maintained gas installations.

What Happens During a Gas Inspection?

By getting a trained and qualified gas technician to carry out regular gas inspections on your installations, you know that everything is in working order.

The technician will do the following during an inspection:

  • Inspect and test the gas pipework
  • Inspect and test the gas appliance
  • Inspect the condition of the gas meter (if fitted)
  • Assess flueing and ventilation
  • Inspect gas safety valves
  • Check position of gas cylinder

Why do You Need a Gas Safety Inspection?

Safety First

When it comes to having gas appliances installed at your home, safety should be your number one concern. Gas appliances, cylinders and installations that are not installed correctly as per SANS 10087 and not maintained can cause severe injury or damage. Regular inspections by qualified technicians ensure everything is working as it should and the risk of damage is minimised.

Opportunity to Repair

Prevention is better than cure, and this is particularly relevant with gas installations. Regular inspections provide gas technicians the opportunity to identify areas that need repair before they get to the point of causing damage. Without inspections, minor damage is left untreated and can turn into a potentially fatal issue.


It is required by law that all gas installations adhere to the relevant safety standards and guidelines. In the event of damage or loss caused by a faulty gas appliance, it’s likely that insurance companies will reject any related claims.

Gas Compliance Certificate

All gas installations that have been inspected and are found to meet the necessary standards are worthy of a gas compliance certificate.

This certificate serves to prove that all necessary inspections, repairs and maintenance tasks were carried out properly and also that the initial installation was done according to SANS standards. The gas compliance certificate is necessary for insurance claims and also if you wish to sell your house along with the gas appliances.

The Gas Works – Gas Installers and Gas Appliance Inspectors Cape Town

Our trained and registered gas technicians carry out expert gas installations and inspections, ensuring your gas appliances are safe and well-maintained.

For more information about our gas installation services in Cape Town, or if you require a gas compliance certificate, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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