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Gas Safety - Importance of a Flame Failure Device

Understanding the importance of gas safety and the need for a flame failure device is extremely important for any individual who makes use of gas appliances in their home or business.

A flame failure device is a key feature in your appliances which enhances gas safety and prevention of injury.

gas safety flame failure device

Flame Failure Device and Gas Safety

The flame failure device (FFD) is responsible for stopping the supply of gas to the burner of your gas appliance when the flame is extinguished.

Flames are extinguished for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason may be for the flame going out, it’s important that the flow of gas is stopped immediately.

This prevents the build-up of harmful gas inside your appliance and the room it is in. Gas build-up can result in injury or sickness and, in severe cases, can be lethal if undetected for too long.

Causes of Flame Failure

  • Liquid overspill on cookers
  • Chimney downdraught
  • Temporary interruption of gas supply
  • Gas under pressure
  • Draught from the oven door being opened and closed

Faulty Flame Failure Device

A flame failure device can become faulty and it’s important to always ensure that the device is functioning as it should.

One of the major symptoms of a failed device is a low flame on your appliance. In other words, the flame will ignite but does not reach its full height.

If you notice this, you will need to have the device repaired or replaced immediately by a qualified gas installer or technician to avoid potential danger associated with a gas leak.

The Gas Works – Gas Safety Technicians and Installers of Gas Appliances

Gas safety is of utmost importance to us. Our technicians are trained and qualified to safely install your gas appliances as well as repair and maintain them.

If you suspect your flame failure device is faulty, or if you require a gas compliance certificate for your gas installation, please contact us.


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