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Access to Pay as You Gas in South Africa

With the recent launch of Pay Gas in Cape Town, it’s no longer necessary to fill your gas with a minimum of 5 kilograms.

The Pay Gas initiative was launched as a means to make a safer, cleaner form of energy more accessible and affordable for those living in underdeveloped communities.

People living in informal settlements mostly rely on paraffin to cook and heat their homes which is not only harmful in terms of toxic fumes, but is also the main cause of devastating fires that can claim the lives and homes of people who use it.

Unlike paraffin, there has always been a minimum amount of gas that can be purchased at a time which many cannot afford.

Furthermore, not everyone has access to electricity, and even those who do often struggle to afford to pay for it. Therefore, paraffin is often the only option.

Pay as you gas - Gas in Cape Town

LPG Gas Refill in Cape Town

Because gas is a cleaner and safer means of energy, it would make sense for as many people to have access to it as possible.

With "pay as you gas" stations, anyone filling their canisters can decide exactly how much they would like to spend on gas, whether it be R10 or R100.

Some may be concerned about how the amount of gas will be measured if it’s not being filled up completely.

So, in order to provide complete transparency and trust, the developers of Pay Gas have designed a system that allows you to weigh your gas canister before you refill it.

After filling your canister with the desired amount, you can then weigh your canister again to see how much gas you received.

This is also a brilliant way to measure how much you will need to spend on a weekly or monthly basis to make sure you always have gas to heat your home or cook with.

Registered Gas Refills

Another important purpose of Pay Gas stations is to eradicate unregistered gas refill stations who are forcing people in informal settlements to use their services while overcharging them.

This is done by means of economical inclusion and empowerment.

The idea behind Pay Gas is to make a pay as you gas station available in every informal settlement in the country by approaching existing informal gas refill stations and offering them the opportunity to manage a registered Pay Gas Station.

The investment is done by Pay Gas on behalf of the person who has been chosen to manage the station.

These people will be selected according to a strict assessment and evaluation process which is focused on their willingness to work as well as level of competency to work with gas according to safety standards.

They will not be treated as employees but as entrepreneurs who are given an opportunity to run a successful business by providing safe, affordable energy to lower income communities while sharing in profits.

The Gas Works – Installers of Gas Appliances in Cape Town

The Gas Works wholeheartedly supports this initiative as we believe that gas is the future and should be accessible to all; especially those in underdeveloped communities.

We carry out expert gas installations in Cape Town while offering additional services such as gas inspections as well as issuing of certificates of compliance.

For more information about our services related to gas in Cape Town or to find out more about Pay as You Gas, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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